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Monday October 15, 2018

  Natural avalanches are very unlikely, human triggered avalanches unlikely and generally stable snow exists Natural avalanches are unlikely, human triggered avalanches are possible, and unstable slabs or wet slides are possible on steep terrain Natural avalanches are possible, human triggered avalanches are probable and unstable slabs or wet slides are probable on steep terrain Natural and human triggered avalanches are likely, and unstable slabs or wet slides are likely on a variety of slope aspects and angles Widespread natural or human triggered avalanches are certain. Extremely unstable slabs are certain even on lower angle terrain. Large destructive avalanches are possible
Monday 4/16/18 General Information - No Hazard Rating
Sunday 4/15/18        
Saturday 4/14/18        
Friday 4/13/18      
Thursday 4/12/18      
Wednesday 4/11/18        
Tuesday 4/10/18        
  *All danger ratings based on highest rating level of each advisory