Start Date: 12.03.17
 Drainage/Route:  Up the Standard route of Copper SW ridge. Skied off the NW side of the Ridge line . Observed Terrain:  8200 ft, NW Aspect Zone/Region:  Banner Summit
 HN24: HST: Sky: X Precip: S1 Temps: 23 F
 Ridgeline Wind: Moderate and Gusty from the W
 Blowing Snow: L Snow Available for Transport: Small amounts
 Comments: It snowed hard all day some points during the day it intensified to S2 and then back to S1
None Reported
 HS: 90 cm  
 Upper Pack: was new snow 35 cm very light low density snow 
 Middle Pack: There is about a 15cm very hard crust from the rain and warming event then right below that is a 10cm facet layer that was 1F in hardness 
 Lower Pack: the bottom 35 cm was back to a hard solid Knife hardness base. No signs of large facets at the base of snowpack. 
Avalanche Characteristics
Character/Avalanche Problem:
Dry Loose

New Snow 35cm

Likelihood of Triggering

Spatial Distribution:

Where did you find this problem?
  Primary Concern Comments: The new snow is so light that it was now bonding to well to the hard crust that is is landing on. in the treed areas where it was steeper you could step down with ski weight and it would slide away. would stay away from steep area. The fact that this light snow is on top of a very hard slick crust could lead to some big issues now and as if gets buried by the next storm.
Avalanche Characteristics
Character/Avalanche Problem:
Wind Slab


Likelihood of Triggering

Spatial Distribution:

Where did you find this problem?
  Problem 2 Comments: The wind was blowing all day during the storm. It Started out from the SW and became blowing from W by end of day. I would watch below and around ridge lines and gully areas where it could have built up during the storm
 Comments: Main concern is the new light snow on top of the very hard thick crust it is causing a very slippery situation out there especial in steep treed areas along with steep open areas of terrain. I would think that you could get some dry loose avalanches to go if you are not careful. Along with the wind changing direction as the day went on the windslabs that might have formed could be on multiple aspects and Mid to Upper elevations.
 Stability Test Results: ENTX could get nothing to move the new snow did not do anything in test.
 Snow Stability Rating for your observed area: Fair Confidence: LOW Trend: Worsening
 Comments (aspects and elevations of instability, etc): I think the snowpack is going to have some problems as this new snow layer gets buried since it is so light density and then we are going to have high pressure built which could very easily facet all the new snow out.
 Comments: Would stay away from steeper treed area that would include watching out for tree well as well along with steep open rocky areas you could get somethings to move or large amounts of stuff that could take you off your feet if not careful. Would stick to lower angled slopes where is great skiing to be had safely.