Start Date: 12.28.16 Name: Savage Operation: SAC
 Drainage/Route:  glassing Hailey-Smiley Ck Observed Terrain:  all from highway with binocs Zone/Region:  Smoky & Boulder Mountains
 HN24: HST: Sky: CLR Precip: Temps:
 Ridgeline Wind:
 Blowing Snow: Snow Available for Transport:
 Comments: Wind still moving snow in Boulders at 1500hrs, but mostly sublimating at that point.
 No. Location Date Size Type Trigger Aspect Elevation Comments
 1 Grays Peak Today 3 U N W 9500 Skooter observed: large slide, 500-1000' wide, spanned multiple ridges. Appeared to be mid-pack weakness and not basal FC.
 1 Goat Today 2.5 U N alpine SVHS noted this slide
 2 Easley area Today 2 U N SE alpine wind loaded pockets in alpine terrain
 5 southern Sawtooths Yesterday 2 SS N alpine evidence of D1-2 wind slabs releasing during the storm with crowns and debris blown over.
 1 Galena Peak Yesterday 2 N W alpine Erik L noted this slide: I'm unsure whether this is a new crown or it scoured down to an older weathered crown?
 Comments: Surprisingly little evidence of activity in alpine terrain given the snowfall and wind over the past 24 hrs. Only drove to Smiley Creek, so I oly saw the southerly aspects of the southern Sawtooths and did not view E-N aspects or anything past Decker Peak.
 Stability Test Results:
 Snow Stability Rating for your observed area: Confidence: Trend:
 Comments: Not much natural activity but lots of wind loading in alpine terrain. Some wind affect at middle elevations but actual loading appeared fairly isolated. Lower elevations had the typical/expected crossloaded edges on steep gullies, especially from Durrance to Easley on the Boulder front.