Start Date: 12.29.16 Name: Savage/Wieland Operation: SAC
 Drainage/Route:  glassing Sawtooths on way to Cape Horn area Observed Terrain:  all from highway with binocs Zone/Region:  Banner Summit
 HN24: 0 HST: Sky: CLR Precip: Temps:
 Ridgeline Wind: Moderate
 Blowing Snow: L Snow Available for Transport:
 Comments: Still some snow being blown around in central and northern Sawtooths and Cape Horn area but appeared to be predominantly sublimating and not loading.
 No. Location Date Size Type Trigger Aspect Elevation Comments
 30 McDonald to Stanley Lake Within past week 1.5 SS N E alpine evidence of many small D1-2 wind slabs that ran naturally during the storm, N through SE aspects but focused on E
 1 Merrit Peak Within past week 3 HS N NE 10000 lookers left hand bowl off summit block, entire cirque ~800' wide, E-N aspects, crown 3-5' deep, somewhat blown in
 2 Williams Peak - Upper Marshall Within past week 2 U N N 9800 aprons slid when hit from above
 1 Horstman cirque to SE of summit Within past week 2.5 U N N alpine significant crown ~3' deep on N aspect, hit from above to trigger?
 Comments: Guessing on number of smaller mid-storm naturals but there were a lot - much of the evidence has been erased by snow and wind. All the significant slides are listed separately and all appeared to occur during the recent storm this week.
 Stability Test Results:
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