Start Date: 04.17.18 Name: Savage Operation: SAC
 Drainage/Route:  Wolf Tone Ck/Kelly Mountain Observed Terrain:  6200-7200 W-NW-N-NE in one slide path that had slid Zone/Region:  Wood River Valley
 HN24: <2cm HST: 2cm Sky: SCT Precip: S-1 Temps: 28-35F
 Ridgeline Wind: Moderate and Gusty from the NW
 Blowing Snow: M Snow Available for Transport: Small amounts
 Comments: Light snow flurries at times, no accumulation at all. Winds were strong at upper elevations, moving a fair amount of snow off peaks between Wolf Tone and Kinsey Cks even though there wasn't that much snow available for transport. Newer snow was damp to wet where I was from 6000-6600'.
 No. Location Date Size Type Trigger Aspect Elevation Comments
 1 Wolf Tone Ck/Kelly Mt Older than a week 3 WS U NW 7900' Tough to determine crown width. Starting zone ranged from W to NE, centered on NW. Slide likely failed either 4/6-7 rain event or 3/22 rain event...impossible to determine. Debris covered several acres 10-15' deep at 43.515052, -114.465137, 1700' vertical slide.
 Comments: Big pile of wet debris on the valley floor, blocking the road and creek. Took out a few mature trees. A message on our Fcebook page let us know about the event. Most likely a natural slide unless it was triggered by a critter. A small WL may have triggered the WS, hard to tell as it was weathered.
 Stability Test Results:
 Snow Stability Rating for your observed area: Very Good Confidence: HIGH Trend:
 Comments (aspects and elevations of instability, etc): There was zero-12" of snow (other than debris) below 7200' where I was and no snow to above 8000' on sunny aspects. Above about 6600', it was cold enough today on shady aspects to prevent any melting...minimal chances of wet avalanches until it warms up in this area. There may have been some wind slab concerns over 8500', but there did not appear to be enough snow available for transport for this to be a widespread problem.
 Comments: Snowpack (where a snowpack existed) was much more supportable than last week. With expected temps in the teens F tonight, slopes with little or no recent snowfall may get a good freeze far enough below the surface to form a crust that will survive at least a couple days of hot and sunny weather. I expect some more impressive, isolated wet slab events like this one the next time we go 2-3 consecutive nights without a freeze.

toe of debris.jpg
toe of debris from a few hundred feet up the debris pile.

overview debris on road.jpg
Overview of debris pile on the road, looking to the SW.

debris on road.jpg
Wet debris on road.