Start Date: 04.23.19 Name: Savage Operation: SAC
 Drainage/Route:  driving and glassing obs Ketchum to Sawtooth Overlook Observed Terrain:  viewable from HWY75 Zone/Region:  Smoky & Boulder Mountains
 HN24: 0 HST: 0 Sky: FEW Precip: Temps: 50s F
 Ridgeline Wind: Light
 Blowing Snow: Snow Available for Transport: None
 No. Location Date Size Type Trigger Aspect Elevation Comments
 100 Smoky, Boulder, Sawtooth Mts Within past week 1.5 WL N alpine Several generations of natural wet loose activity with an obvious fresh round from the past couple days. D1-D2 sized with a few larger D2.5 that stepped down into deeper snow around rocks. Many aspects were involved.
 2 Newman Ck Within past week 2.5 WS N E 9500 Sizable wet slabs, see photo of one of them.
  Alpine Ck Within past week 2.5 WS N E 9600 Wet slab at least 250' wide, many wet loose. Some cornice fall triggering WL. E and SE aspects near 9400-9700'. See photos.
  Decker Peak Within past week 2 WS NL SE 9300 Relatively small wet slab on flanks of Decker Peak, see photo.
 2 Saviors Peak Within past week 2.5 WS NL SE alpine Two narrow wet slabs triggered by WL from above and several WL (see photo). Slides were visible from Phantom Hill.
 Comments: I didn't view that much direct north-facing terrain.
 Stability Test Results:
 Snow Stability Rating for your observed area: Confidence: Trend:
 Comments: The hot sunny weather Monday and Tuesday got another round of wet natural activity rolling. Isolated wet slabs failed from 9200-9700', triggered by wet loose slides from above and failing on their own. Lots of wet loose slides with the larger ones I saw gouging into deeper layers on E and NE aspects. Some sizeable cornice fall in the Sawtooths, triggering wet loose on the slopes below. The warm sunny weather will continue pushing water deeper into the snowpack in the coming days, and I expect to see more wet slabs releasing. They may/should creep up in elevation, also involve shadier NW-N-NE aspects, and may be deeper+wider than what we've observed so far. I'm guessing we're still on the front end of the snowpack's spring transition in shady alpine terrain.

Mix of wet loose and wet slab activity in Alpine Ck in southern Sawtooths. E-SE aspects near 9700'.

Wet slab in Alpine Ck, SE aspect 9600'.

Small wet slab on Decker Peak, SE, 9300'.

Wet loose and wet slab in Newman Creek drainage. Slab is NE aspect at 9500'.

Wet loose and gouged narrow wet slabs on SE side of Saviors Peak ridgeline, Smoky Mts.

Multiple generations of D1-D2 wet loose activity in alpine terrain on E side of Saviors Peak (head of Owl Ck).

Sizeable WL in Newman Ck drainage on E-NE aspects.