Start Date: 04.25.19 Name: Savage Operation: SAC
 Drainage/Route:  Ketchum-Smiley Creek Observed Terrain:  glassing from HWY75 Zone/Region:  Smoky & Boulder Mountains
 HN24: 0 HST: 0 Sky: CLR Precip: Temps: 30s F
 Ridgeline Wind:
 Blowing Snow: Snow Available for Transport: None
 Comments: Solid freeze overnight, stout roadside crusts 10-25cm thick from 0800-1100. I was back in Ketchum before noon.
 No. Location Date Size Type Trigger Aspect Elevation Comments
 many Smoky, Boulder, Sawtooth Yesterday 1.5 WL N I saw at least 30 D1.5-2 wet loose slides that were not there Tuesday at 3PM. Some were getting into "older" snow (March storms, maybe some February snow?). Most activity was upper elevation W-S-E with isolated activity on NE and NW. Some photos attached of generic activity.
 1 N Fork Wood River Yesterday 2.5 WS N SW 10000 See photo, estimated 300' wide.
 1 Lorenzo Peak-Silver Ck Within past week 2.5 WS NL SE 10500 See photo, triggered from above by small WL slide.
 1 Boulder Peak cirque (W fork Boulder Ck) Yesterday 2.5 WS N SW 10500 See photo.
 1 Galena Pk - Cherry Ck Within past week 1.5 WS NL S 10500 S-SW aspect, triggered from above, thin slab. This one looked older, may have been from earlier this week?
 1 Cabin Ck Yesterday 2 WS NL SE 9500 S-SE aspect, see photo.
 Comments: I only recorded fresh slides from the last 36 hrs (Tues 4/23 at 3PM until Thurs 4/25 AM). I noted wet slabs individually and lumped together the many wet loose slides I observed. There were multiple, sizable fresh wet loose slides on the following areas: N Fork Wood River, 5xWL, D1-2, SW; Goat Cr/Peak 6xWL, D1-2, S+SE, 9600-10000'; Silver Ck cirque and near Easley, 7xWL, S, alpine; Galena Pk and Cherry Ck headwaters 4xWL, D1-2, S-SW-W; Grand Prize 4xWL, D1-2, W, rocky alpine terrain; Beaver Creek and southern Sawtooths (Cabin/Alturas Lake/Alpine Cks), many WL, D1-2, SW-S-SE-E; Bromaghin Pk, 2xWL, S1-2, NE, 9000', rocky.
 Stability Test Results:
 Snow Stability Rating for your observed area: Confidence: Trend:
 Comments: Over the past couple days, a fair number of sizable wet loose and some wet slabs released - no surprises. Most of the activity was on solar (W-S-E) aspects from 9500-10500'. There was a little fresh activity on partially sunny/shady slopes (NE) in the lower parts of the alpine (around 9500' in rocky cirques), but most of the shady alpine terrain has been quiet. I'm guessing that's because it has the mediocre structure and potential to produce wet slabs but hasn't gotten much free water into the pack yet. Last night's harder freeze probably tamped down the wet avalanche threat for today and made for good skiing and riding conditions; it will be interesting to see if the relatively cooler and/or cloudier weather forecasted over the next several days makes the wet slab and deeper wet loose issues "go out with a whimper" or just delays activity in partially shady and shady upper elevation terrain.

Wet slab in Cabin Creek. 9500', S-SE aspect.

Typical fresh wet loose activity throughout the Boulder and southern Sawtooth Mountains. Goat Creek, S and SE aspects, 9600-10000'. Some smaller, older wet loose slides are visible on more easterly aspects on the left.

Wet slab off Lorenzo Peak/Silver Creek drainage. SE, 10500. I'm not sure this was from yesterday - the light wasn't great when I looked at this area on Tuesday.

Wet slab in N Fork Wood River drainage, SW, 10000'.

Wet slab in the west fork of Boulder Creek area, below the ridgeline connecting Boulder and Silver Peak. SW aspect, 10500'.