Date: 05.01.17
 Location:  Spring Ck/Cherry Ck divide Zone/Region:  Smoky & Boulder Mountains
 Activity:   skiing
 How Many?  a few
 Trigger:   Natural
 What size?
 Size 1: Relatively harmless to people
 What Elevation?  alpine
 What Aspect?   SE
 Comments: In the Smoky Mts well above treeline beneath corniced ridges, appeared to be WL. Viewed from several miles away.
 Comments: Skied from 7100-10400' from 1pm-4:30pm. May have been possible to trigger some WL in very steep, SE or S facing, alpine terrain...but it wasn't that wet in most places where I went. Near and above treeline: supportable corn conditions on S/SW, SW, W/SW...a little sloppy on S and SE...and still "wintery" (breakable crusts, edgeable sastrugi, etc) on W-NW. Below about 9000', supportable corn on NW-W-SW-S with things getting a little soft on S and SE below 7600' at the end of the tour. Summary: very little avalanche hazard where I was + good corn skiing but you had to pay attention to aspect. Savage - SAC