Date: 12.10.17
 Location:  Galena Peak Zone/Region:  Smoky & Boulder Mountains
 Activity:   Skiing our faces. General merriment.
 Comments: We dropped three cornices during the day and saw no results. Above treeline has been hammered by wind and sun. We found windslabs, but nothing reacted and all our hasty pits showed that the slabs were bonded to the snow beneath them. Around 1:00PM we heard some significant rock fall from a south aspect, but couldn't get eyes on it. We skied the NW bowl off of the summit of Galena Peak. Snow conditions were variable - sun crust, wind crust, powder, and everything in between. The skiing got much better once we got into the trees. There was isolated surface hoar at mid to lower elevations. Heard there's a new speed record on Galena... we did not beat it.