Date: 12.10.17
 Location:  Copper Zone/Region:  Banner Summit
 Activity:   Skiing
 Comments: The snow around Copper seems to anything from a 2-3 cm sun crust on SW-S-SE, to 2-4 wind slab on Steeper N- NE facing thing, to creamy powder in pockets and good 35cm of faceted out snow snow on top of the Thanksgiving ice crust layer. No new signs of recent avalanches but need see that one of the tubes off the top of the North face slide most likely mid storm last weekend D2 in size. Also could see a couple crown lines on the peak just South of Copper proper that also most likely went during the storm. They sat just below the rocky corniced ridge lines. As of right now the snow does seem to be pretty stable out there but people still need to keep there eyes and ears open for things especially as I saw so many people skiing consequential terrain out there yesterday with no regard that something could happen just like if they were skiing in a resort, not good at all people please get educated take a course learn how to ski one at a time, not traverse under wind loaded areas or under corniced areas for long distances. Please turn off the headphones out there if you can't hear someone talked to you that is standing right behind you. How are you going to hear whooping or hear other since of instability or someone yelling for help. Even if you are out there riding alone. Things happen out there even when you think they are safe.