Date: 01.01.18
 Location:  Copper mountain ridge Zone/Region:  Banner Summit
 Activity:   Ski touring
 How Many?  1
 Trigger:   Unknown
 What type of avalanches?   Other
 What size?
 Size 2: Could bury, injure, or kill a person
 What Elevation?  9000 feet
 What Aspect?   N
 Comments: The Avalanche appeared to have happened after the most recent storm as no new snow appeared to be on the Avalanche path. It looks like a cornice collapsed on a north facing slope, slide for 100 feet while entrainkng surface snow. The Avalanche then appeared to have triggered a slab about 1 foot deep and the width of the gully (150 feet) this slide ran the length of the gully.
 Comments: We took the skin track up to peak 8966 (western most peak on the copper mountain ridge). Skis were clear and wind was blowing hard from the West. The north facing ridge on peak 8966 was heavily corniced and the Avalanche was below the ridge on an aspect that we did not ski. I attached a screenshot of my my location where I was looking at the Avalanche. Sun was beginning to form a melt layer on the south facing aspect that we skied from copper.

Location of Avalanche crown

Avalanche, sorry for the blurry and dark photo