Date: 01.07.18
 Location:  Mushroom Ridge Zone/Region:  Smoky & Boulder Mountains
 Activity:   Skiing, splitboarding, general merriment
 How Many?  2-3
 Trigger:   Natural
 What type of avalanches?   Dry Loose (sluff)
 What size?
 Size 1: Relatively harmless to people
 Size 2: Could bury, injure, or kill a person
 What Elevation?  ~9,200 and ~9,600 feet
 What Aspect?   NE, SE
 Comments: We saw two or three recent loose avalanches. The NE aspect avalance was small, but in steep terrain that would be consequential. It started as a point release from some rocks halfway up the NE side of Gladiator, viewed from Mushroom Ridge. It looked to be loose dry, especially considering the aspect. The second and third avalanches could have been small loose wet or loose dry avalanches. They were seen from the standard pass that takes you into Gnarnia. Their SE aspect makes loose wet seem reasonable, but I don't really know. My pictures are pretty shitty, but I'll attach them anyway.
 Comments: We skied the face directly above mushroom ridge and to the east of the funnel. Then we dropped into the gully for our exit. Snow was firm up top and variable once we ducked into the sparse trees. The top of mushroom ridge had some rime on the snow surface mixed with very isolated and faint surface hoar.

The avy forecast seems really spot on. I did note that southern aspects have been cooked and are pretty firm. I might be on the lookout for sun-crust avy problems after this next storm on souther aspects, in addition to the persistent slab issues. Hopefully, the new snow will bond to that crust. All in all, things were pretty benign out there today.

NE side of Gladiator. I think...

SE aspect looking across Gnarnia from the top of Mushroom.