Date: 01.06.18
 Location:  Headwaters of Beaver Creek Zone/Region:  Sawtooth Mountains
 Activity:   Skiing/Snowboarding
 Was it intentional?  no
 What type of avalanches?   Soft Slab
 What size?
 Size 2: Could bury, injure, or kill a person
 What Elevation?  ~9300'
 What Aspect?   E
 Comments: This was a boarder triggered avalanche on a 300' slope. The boarder dropped in off of a cornice, made 4-5 turns, and the cornice broke from above releasing a wind loaded pocket further down the slope on the persistent weak layer about 2' down. The rider was ahead of the slide and able to ride out of it unharmed, but it was too close for comfort. The slide occurred just up the ridge from where the summer jeep trail crests the saddle. There were signs that the cornice lower down on the ridge had already failed and the slope had slid. I went as far up the ridge as I felt comfortable knowing that it had already slid and skied the edge of the debris with a partner. It was a classic disjointed group error. A second group coupled up and skied uphill of our two tracks. Before the rest of the group was ready to ski, we had gone back up for another lap. We discussed with the remainder of the group that this was indeed avalanche terrain and that the slope was suspect. We continued on to ski a lower angle pitch on the opposite side of the bowl. My partner witnessed the slide and notified me of the incident. The slide stopped in the meadow and did not run into the trees. The boarder that triggered the slide was the 7th person to ski the slope my track along the existing debris was the only track that was not in the path. I do not have a photo to post, but I will try to get you one. This persistent weak layer is alive and well and should not be taken lightly.