Date: 01.12.18
 Location:  Copper Zone/Region:  Banner Summit
 Activity:   Skiing
 Comments: Toured Friday up Coppers Main ridge line. Dug a quick hand pits at mid elevation 8,000 ft on N and S aspects and was able to pull storm slabs out with my hand that are sitting on top of crust. from this past dry spell. Crust on S was 1.5-2 cm thick and on N it was 1 cm. Dug again at 8,600ft on SSW aspect with a 26 degree slope. Just off the Main riddle. HS was 195cm, NS was 30cm, was overcast and snowing off and on all day with light to Mod winds out of the S. got ECTP30 Q2 195-165cm So this Fractured on the Storm Snow. Which sits facets on top of crust from dry spell.

Here is the layers in the top 60cm of snow from my observation that is posted before this.

ECTP30 Q2 propagation @ 30cm down Storm Snow on facets that sit above Crust.