Date: 01.14.18
 Location:  Soldier Cat Ski Area Zone/Region:  Soldier Mountains
 Activity:   Test pits on snow machine
 Comments: On the 13th and 14th pits were dug in the Soldier Mountain Cat Ski Area. Snow height of 60-80cm was found at 7,000’ level and 80-100 cm at 8,000-8,300’. Poor structure (4-5 lemons) was found at all elevation investigated and all aspects. Two layers of concern were found. The December Drought Layer (DDL) produced propagation at our 7,000’ (ECTPV on brush, 20-25 cm up) and 8,000’ pits (ECTP13 at 43 cm up). CT scores on the DDL layer were medium trigger likelihood with Q2 quality. The second layer of concern is in the upper snowpack. It’s a sun crust at 7,000’ and a thin layer of density difference at 8,000’ and 8,300’. This layer popped in all shovel shear tests, CT were easy with Q2 quality on most CTs and ECTN easy to medium. This layer is 20-25 cm off the ground at 7,000’ elevations and 60-70 cm off the ground at 8,000-8,300’ elevations. Full profiles can be found on

This shows the two layers of concern, upper pack and DDL (Dec. Drought Layer)