Date: 12.31.18
 Location:  Titus Ridge Zone/Region:  Smoky & Boulder Mountains
 Activity:   Skiing
 Comments: Hey team- I won't get to my computer tonight, but wanted to relay some info. Toured out Titus today (off duty). Wind slabs were stubborn and classically not that big on the E1/4. Saw 2x sz1 on north face Titus that looked recent. Initiated off of ridgeline below some rocks. We dug on E at top of standard up track and had CTH BKN x2, SC on mid-dec interface do 45-nothing alarming to me. Skied terrain to 35 on E, NE, ESE. Most pertinent ob is that we got a big collapse on the skiers L of the ESE glades of Wx Stx pk mid way down the slope before the bottom breakover. This kept us off the open ~37 degree slot on skiers left (if you are familiar). Lots of hand pits along the way mostly E showing non-planar shears at the ~45 dn later. Hope this helps you all. Happy new year!