Date: 01.07.19
 Location:  Soldier Creek Drainage Zone/Region:  Soldier Mountains
 Comments: This is the first hand account of the slide that was reported in a previous observation. The observer witnessed the slide.

Looks like I may have remote triggered a small slide just south of Soldier Ski Area in the Soldier Creek drainage. (Literally 100 yards from my house). I was starting to skin up the hill right outside my door, didn't make it 30 yards and the drainage 100 yards to the north of me slide. There was another shallow drainage and a small ridge between me and it. East facing aspect, top elevation of approximately 6500' bottom elevation of 5800'. Slide from the top--which was wind loaded--all the way to the bottom. Looks like a 2 1/2 -3' crown. Slid on the layer that is just a couple inches about the surface. I was down slope and about 100 yards adjacent to the slide. Didn't go measure as I was a little shook up and worried about the slope above my house. Pictures are from the deck of my house. Just wanted to share that lower elevation slopes are wind loaded and unstable over here.