Date: 02.03.19
 Location:  Titus Peak Zone/Region:  Smoky & Boulder Mountains
 Activity:   Backcountry Skiing
 Was it intentional?  no
 What type of avalanches?   Wet Slab
 What size?
 Size 2: Could bury, injure, or kill a person
 What Elevation?  Approx. 8# ft.
 What Aspect?   NW
 Comments: The crown broke all the way to the ground. But most of the slide was all the new snow we had received Saturday. See pic below
 Marked with checkmark if observed:
 Cracking (isolated)      
 Comments: The day started very conservatively. We were ending the day with one last run toward the Titus peak parking turnout. As we traveled along the spine we saw a really decent area with a mild slope angle and good runout but to get there we had to hit a chute that was right around 45 degrees. We were all thinking it was too steep but the stoke was high and we were over confident. Our first rider hit it and radioed once cleared for the next person. As I went I felt it pop and it tackled me from behind. I popped out both my skis and slid maybe ten yards on my stomach face first. The debis hit skier 1 as they were clearing the area and knocked them down. The crown was on a rocky patch with maybe 2 ft of snow. Exactly what the forecast warned us not to do. It cleared all the way to the ground. I lost one of my skis. With the potential of hang fire we couldn’t give it much time to search and decided we needed to start getting out since only having one ski was going to prolong the journey. The slide was triggered around 1345. We began our exit around 1415 and got back to the car around 1730. A pair of skiers assisted us on the last half hour which was huge. We were pretty exhausted. I’ll be coming back in the spring to find that ski. We were fortunate that was all that was buried. It was not a persistent slab and the debris pile was pretty shallow but the slide would have carried us into some dangerous terrain.


Hard to see from the angle but there was the base and a pretty long crack.