Date: 02.17.19
 Location:  Elkhorn & Sun Valley Zone/Region:  Wood River Valley
 Activity:   Multiple (presumably natural) avalanches on north-facing slopes from 30-35 deg.
 How Many?  5
 Trigger:   Natural
 What size?
 Size 2: Could bury, injure, or kill a person
 What Elevation?  6500'-7300'
 What Aspect?   N, NW
 Comments: While walking and driving around Sun Valley and Elkhorn today I noticed five recent avalanches on northwest slopes. Two are in Keystone Gulch south of Parker Gulch; two are above Juniper Road south of Elkhorn; one is on the north side of Prospect Hill east of Sun Valley town hall. The slopes appear to be between 30-35 deg. according to CalTopo. I observed the slides from the neighborhood and photographed them with a 300mm telephoto lens. I was not near any of the avalanches, nor did I see them occur. They weren't there before the latest storms.
 Comments: Photo 1:
Lat: 43.68035
Lon: -114.28839
Elevation: 7126 ft

Photo 2:
Lat: 43.68302
Lon: -114.28363
Elevation: 7290 ft

Photo 3:
Lat: 43.65502
Lon: -114.29506
Elevation: 6841 ft

Photo 4:
Lat: 43.65368
Lon: -114.30000
Elevation: 6549 ft

Photos 5 and 6:
Lat: 43.69615
Lon: -114.33567
Elevation: 6510 ft