Date: 02.21.19
 Location:  Copper Mountain Zone/Region:  Banner Summit
 Activity:   Remote and natural whumphing
 Marked with checkmark if observed:
      Collapsing (widespread)
 Comments: We got out today before our avy 2 class today on Copper Mountain, and it was awesome! We got a late start, and on the way up the skin track we remotely triggered a collapse at 7600 feet.
We then dug a pit along the ridge at 8700 feet and did CT and ECT tests. The snow depth was 155-160CM, and was right side up from the surface to 30cm from the ground where there were fist hard facets to the ground. About 90cm from the ground we found an old crust (melt-freeze?) Which was reactive in our CT tests.
Our results were as follows: CT test 1 - CTH 7 Q3 15cm down, CTH 10 Q1 SP 70cm down on the buried crust. Upon a second CT test we replicated out results, with the buried crust breaking CTH 6 SP Q1. We got ECTX on an ECT test.
Throughout the day on the way up we heard lots of whumphing, natural and remotely triggered. We didn't see any shooting cracks or avalanches in the area. The snow was light deep powder with a thin wind crust on top in exposed areas, but was still great riding.
Finally, on the way back we saw an avalanche on the slope above the creek next to the highway by the turn for Stanley Lake and Stanley Creek, though we aren't sure if it slide today or in the past couple days.

The slide above Stanley Creek

This is the crust that we found to be reactive in our CT tests

Here is a crappy snow pit photo with Dennis in the way.