Date: 03.27.19
 Location:  Carbonate Zone/Region:  Wood River Valley
 Activity:   Skiing
 Was it intentional?  yes
 What type of avalanches?   Wet Loose
 What size?
 Size 1: Relatively harmless to people
 Size 2: Could bury, injure, or kill a person
 What Elevation?  6500'
 What Aspect?   NE
 Comments: A ski cut of one of the Albertson chutes triggered enough wet loose snow to cause an avalanche I would not want to be part of. I'd give it a D2 rating because of the weight of the snow and the fact that it ran to the ground in spots. The debris pile could have buried a person, even if not that deep. It ran 750' to where the slope mellows out before the river. The warm temps and deep unsupportable snow will easily cause a slide if it's steep enough. We did not ski this slope and stuck to mellower terrain.
 Comments: Loose wet avalanches seemed very likely on steep slopes in the evening after the snowpack had heated up all day. I'd be very cautious skiing anything steep. We ended sticking to the lower angle bowls.