April 2, 2020

Skiers remotely triggered an avalanche near Galena Summit yesterday, and possibly in the mountains west of Smiley Creek as well. The snowpack will take time to recover from the 1-3 feet of recent snow and strong winds. Also, we will probably continue to experience aftershocks – consider staying out of consequential avalanche terrain in the coming days. 

Read today’s Forecast Discussion at the bottom of each zone forecast for information on Earthquakes & Avalanches.

Backcountry Recreation and COVID-19
  • Take the time to read this message about Backcountry Recreation during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  • We urge folks to consider that any backcountry rescue will tax resources that are needed to manage the impacts of COVID-19. Slow down, be careful, and consider avoiding avalanche terrain.
  • Read this message from a local ER Physician for thoughts on traveling in the backcountry right now.
  • Since local guide services have temporarily suspended operations, your backcountry observations are more important than ever. To those that have taken the time to submit your observations recently, thank you!
  • We will continue to issue daily Avalanche Forecasts through April 12. 

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Our final DIGGING DEEPER talk of the year takes place on April 8th. We will broadcast it with Facebook Live so you can watch them from home, we’ll be providing details on how to tune in. If you’re looking for something else to watch, Ben’s talk about ski mountaineering and avalanche hazard from last week is available online here.